Swan Valley Snowmobile Association

This is the home of Swan Valley Snowmobile Association Inc. (SVSAA).

Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.

Snomans 7th Annual Congress and AGM

This year we had another successful Congress. It was well attended by snowmobilers from across the province. In attendance were representatives from 39 of the 52 clubs. The Annual General Meeting went well with 90 Snoman members there. The Trail Signing seminar by Dan Taylor was very well attended with many good questions coming from the crowd. In addition, we had a new Youth Engagement which brought the youth together from several different snowmobile clubs. It was led by Mary Holden from the Wisconsin youth program and Tonya Kemball, Snoman's Vice President. We had 21 youth come out. The youth formed their own group, the Snoman Snow Scooters, and have an upcoming meeting in December in Portage La Prairie. If you are a youth between 14 and 18 and are interested in getting your voice heard drop us a line and we can get you in touch with the group. You can also check them out on facebook.

The Awards Banquet was as always a good time for all those who came out. Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires gave the greetings from the Manitoba Government. The entertainment was Big Daddy Taz and was hilarious as usual. The Excellence awards were handed out as was the scholarship from the WRSA. The awards were as follows:

Outstanding Snowmobile Club - South East Sno-Riders
Outstanding Snowmobile Family - The Sobetski Family
Outstanding Snowmobiler - Kelly Martens
Outstanding Support by a Non-Snowmobile Related Business - Mid-Plains Implements Carberry
Outstanding Groomer Operator - Jim Cottingham
Honourable Mention Outstanding Groomer Operator - Dave Bruderer

Braeden Little was awarded the WRSA Sylvain Paquet Memorial Scholarship.

What's that white stuff??

March 7, 2017

Well we got notice that the Vintage is done for this year, due to lack of snow... and Mother Nature dumps snow on us!  Other than all the roads closed and the crazy winds... looks nice!  We might be able to get out on our sleds again! 

Have you recently sledded in the Swan Valley?  Please provide us with feedback.

Annual General Meeting tonight

March 20, 2017

AGM tonight.  Come out everyone to the Sports Lounge, 7:30pm and help us vote in our new executive. 

We are always looking for volunteers too, so drop in at one of our monthly meetings and the guys will let you know how much fun it is to help out. 

What's with this weather!!!

February 20, 2017

It's been a sad winter for sledding and this weekend's weather has not made it any better.  There are a lot of bare fields out there...  trails are barely holding up!  WE NEED SNOW

If you are riding, do so with caution!  There are many ditches with no snow and icy spots.  Travel at an appropriate speed for trail conditions.

Sled for Eternity Ride a Success

February 16, 2017

We received many compliments on our trail system and a big kudos to our groomer operators.  Have a look at the video recap.  Thank you to Kevin Penner for providing the recap.

Roll'n out the Red carpet!!

February 10, 2017

A beautiful new snow cover,
mild weather,
both groomers out cruz'n...

It's like we special ordered a perfect weekend to host the
Sled for Eternity ride!
It's not too late to get in on it.

A big welcome to all the visiting riders.  Hope you enjoy your ride and come back again soon.

Everyone else have a fun-filled safe riding weekend!  With this beautiful weather, there will be many sleds out, please remember to take it easy.

To help plan your weekend route, check out the Sled for Eternity ride flow of traffic.



Sled for Eternity Ride

February 6, 2017

Groomers will be out in full force this week to have the trails in nice shape for our guest that are here this weekend.  If you would like to join the ride you can register on the Swan River Teen Challenge website.

If you are unable to attend but would still like to pledge a good cause then you can check out the fundraisers list and support someone.

If you are out and about on the trails this weekend please be aware that the ride is taking place in several areas and be on the lookout for increased sled traffic. 

Keep safe out there!


January 29, 2017

Well unfortunately we have some people that don't appreciated what it takes to operate a successfully snowmobile club and trail system...  Some one has decided to steal the led light strips, bulbs and propane tank from the Benito shack! 

So if anyone hears anything we would appreciate you letting us know!

Contact any club member.  Or if it was you... RETURN the STUFF!  Thanks.

Yay Snow!

January 27, 2017

Well we got some white stuff!!!  Yay!  So now we just have to get the rest of the trails open.  If you have any interest in volunteering for the club... now's the time.  Even a few hours helping stake trails will make a difference.

Check the SnoMan site for which trails are open.  Of the ones open, only Benito area trails (2, 508, 509, 510-part) were groomed this week.  Also, it was windy on Thursday, so use caution on the open areas, there could be drifting.

What is that white stuff??

January 22, 2017

We have a few flakes coming down but it seems to be melting faster than it hits the ground.  In spite of the warm weather, we have managed to get a few trails open!  Check out the SnoMan site for details on which ones are open. 

Use caution, snow conditions are not optimum. There are some bare spots and rough areas.

Will 2017 bring us more snow??

January, 2017

Darn cold windy weather not letting the snow come!!  A Colorado Low and an Alberta clipper in December, but still not much snow for us... what's going on???

Hopefully we get a good dump of that white stuff so we can get trails open.

Snowmobile Show & Swap Meet

November, 2016

If you have nothing happening today, head over to the Swan Valley Museum for a burger and check out some new sleds.  Also browse through the used parts/gear that locals have at their tables.

Check out the poster for details.

A New Season is Coming!

October, 2016

Supposed to get a little of that white stuff at the end of the week...  time to get thinking about that sled!

Need parts, have some spare ones lying around?  We have a solution for you!  We are hosting the 1st Annual Snowmobile Show and Swap Meet at the museum on November 19th.

Check out the poster for details.

Trails are Closed!

Club Volunteers Needed!

We need volunteers for club and trail activities. Just a few hours a season can make a huge difference!

Be a Volunteer!

Interested in joining our organization?

Meetings 1st Monday of every month at the Sports Lounge. All are welcome!

ATV & Dirtbike Owners

ATV’s/Dirt Bikes are not permitted on snowmobile trails. Our club has worked hard to obtain permission from private landowners for snowmobile use only. Please respect these generous landowner’s property and do not drive your ATV on snowmobile trails - it could result in trail closure for all!