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Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.

2012-13 Home Page Archive

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Mmmm... Good food!

July  12, 2013

Don't forget about the SVSA food booth at the Northwest RoundUp & Exhibition.   If you can spare a few hours, contact Kim Campbell to get on the worker schedule.  All help is appreciated! 


If your HUNGRY, stop in for some great Ukrainian food and the best fries around!

We are in the blue booth, second from the west.

Something BIG is coming...

May 4, 2013

Just have to say it cause if I don't someone else will...  "May the 4th be with you"!!

Ok, on to the BIG item... We have a new addition to our club, but you will have to wait until next season to find out!  Groomer guy is REALLY excited!!

End of Season

April 5, 2013

Snows melting...  Last weekend to ride??  The SVSA trails will be officially closed on April 8th, due to warm weather forecast next week.  The minus temps are supposed to hold out for the weekend.  So here's hoping we get in another ride.

Use extreme caution on ALL road crossings.  Local graders have been running and prepping roadways for the spring melt.  Bare gravel and high ridges are a high likelyhood.  Also due to melting, trails may have icy conditions, drive accordingly.

Summer Ready...

March 8, 2013

Well the sledding days are getting numbered...  Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of snow out there, but April is coming! 

So get out there and sled, sled, sled.  The next few weeks will have to tie you over til next season... and that's a LONG time from now!

6th Annual Vintage Ride

March 2, 2013

Weather was beautiful, turkey was a hit, great vintage to see.  Not much better of a day could have been order!

Thank you to all drivers that brought their sleds out for our viewing pleasure.  It's great to see all those old relics!  Also a big thank you to the volunteers that help to make the day a success. 

Relic ready???

March 1, 2013

So do you have that ole relic out of the barn and dusted off?  Beautiful day set up for tomorrow and the viewing of the valley's vintage metal!  There are various staging locations if you don't think the relic will make it too far.  Check out the details.  ---->

It also looks like another great weekend brewing for riding... getting scarey how few are left.  It is the 1st of March!  Last year we were done by the 3rd week.  Should be ok this year, but don't place any bets.  Stranger things have happened...  just get out there and ride all you can ride, cause when the snow is gone, it's a loooong time before it is back again!!!


February 21, 2013

Great weekend coming up as far as the weather forecast.  Not too bad for the crazy wind either... It sure made a mess of the trails last Sunday!!

Have you been working on your relic???  Hope so, you only have one week to git'er ready...  Vintage Ride is next Saturday, March 2!  Even if you don't have a relic, come on out for some great turkey in a bun and  have a look at the relics that will be there.

Happy Valentines'

February 14, 2013

So who is the one that put in the weather order for the long weekend??  They couldn't have done a better job.  The forecast looks great once again.

If you are out and about looking for a place to sled on Sunday, the Cowan Community Centre is once again sponsoring a poker derby.  Get there early and you can have pancakes before your ride!

The groomer has been running this week, but once again with the wind some trails might already be drifted over.  So use caution in open areas and watch for drifting.

Have a GREAT Louis Riel Weekend!  How can you not, with one extra day to sled....

Can there be too much snow...

February 7, 2013

6 more inches of fresh snow, trails are looking good.  Hard for the groomer to keep up with all that powder!!  A little more forecast for Friday...

Weather looks great for sledding this weekend.  If your around Saturday and want a chance to win some cash and prizes, check out the Benito Elks Poker Derby.  Usually is a good ride.

If you are heading along the Kenville trail from Swan, use caution as at one point bales are being hauled across the trail and there is a plow ridge.  Caution signs are in place at the area.

Also if you are heading out to the Benito area, please note there are no longer services available at the Gateway.  However, there is gas available in Benito.

Spring is here...

March 21, 2013

Nice frosty morning for the start of spring... 

Pretty nice temps going into next week's spring break too...  That is if your a sledder and don't want the snow to melt!! 

Weather indicates it will be a beautiful week for sledding.  So if you don't have plans, pack up the sleds and head on out for a WONDERFUL week of sledding in Swan Valley.  Lots of snow, trails are groomed, and shacks are stocked!

More snow :)

January 24, 2013

White Church Trail is now open for business!!  Wheww what a lot of work on trails this year.

Still breezy out there, but the weekend is looking good... 4" of fresh snow, and only -12ish... Beautiful!! 

Remember to use caution on the trails as the wind has been howling... could be a lot of drifting across trails.

Also use extreme caution in the logging areas on White Church, Wellman & Beaver Lake trails. 


January 17, 2013

Another cold and windy weekend ahead of us...  going by the forecast, your best bet for a "warmer" ride is Friday night. 

The groomer has been doing it's best to stay ahead of the wind, but this week it seems to be a losing battle!!  Having said that, use caution on the open trails, watch for drifts.  The bush trails should be in good shape with the new snow. 

The last and final (hopefully for a VERY long time) windstorm trail has been cleaned... White Church trail has been cleared, but not groomed yet. Hopes are it will be done next week. 

Fresh Trails

January 10, 2013

The groomer has been out smoothing the trails from all the traffic on the weekend.  Sounds like everyone that participated in the Mega Derby had a great ride.  A BIG "thank you" to the organizers for the $500 donation to our club.

We received a new layer of snow this week and a bit more is in the forecast.  There also was quite a bit of wind this week, so be cautious on the trails and watch for drifting.  The groomer is trying to get to all trails, but with the wind it is defeating the purpose.

Supposed to be a chilly weekend, but nothing a few extra layers can't fix.  Besides, its January in Manitoba... what do we expect?

Happy New Year

January 2, 2013

Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and welcome to 2013!  The groomer was out at 6 am getting the trails in tip-top shape.  So if you are lucky enough to have a few more days in your holiday, get on that sled and get riding!  A nice fresh layer of snow, great weather forecast, what more could you ask for?

See you on the trail.

In the media

December 22, 2012

Prepare yourselves for a busy community and trail system.  The secret is out, we have GREAT trails in the Swan Valley!!  We have saw several out-of-towners on the trails, as well have received quite a few calls about the area.  Also, our trail system was featured in a SnoRiders magazine article.  If you don't receive the magazine... then get your butt into Autopac and buy a SNOPASS!!  (You get a free subscription with your pass)   But if you want to share the article, here's an online link to it.

Happy sledding!!

Ready, Set, Go...

December 21, 2012

All trails are groomed this week and all trails are open with the exception of the Cowan to White Church Trail.  Due to the windstorm this summer and blow down the trail is blocked with trees.  We exhausted all our volunteer manpower getting Cowan and the Wellman Trail ready! So the "White Church Trail" and railbed north of Cowan are closed until furture notice.

Use Caution on creeks and river crossings there are some ice patchs on the trail systems.

All warm up shacks are stocked with wood and ready for your enjoyment.  Please keep them clean and we ask that any garbage hauled in please haul out.

Ride Safe and enjoy the trails and facilities.  Also remember to sign our guest book at the warm up shacks.

Does a Groomer Float?

December 14, 2012

Nope...  Poooor groomer guy had a short-long day...  Only made about 5 miles.  But that river crossing will be really good now!!!

The aim was to have the trails open for the weekend.  But that is not to be... should be looking good by next weekend.  We'll keep you posted.

First Groomer Passes

December 12, 2012

The groomer has been running this week.  So remember to check out where he is on our location page.  Cowan trail looks pretty bleak with all the tree tops gone...  it will be many years before we have our beautiful scenic trails back.  But the trails will still be beautifully maintained!!

And more...

November 18, 2012

Tis the season for volunteers!! Nice to see a large crew got together to pack the snow on Wellman Lake Trail. Sadly, they found many more trees than they bargained for...

An eye-opening view...

November 12, 2012

Here is a video compiled of the damage on Cowan and Wellman Trails.  Along with a glimps of what actions have taken place so far.  It was created for and viewed at the 2nd Annual Snoman Congress.

Outstanding Club!

November 10, 2012

At the 2nd annual SnoMan Congress, SVSAA received the Outstanding Club excellence award for the 2011-12 season.  Club president, Barry Campbell was at the conference to accept the award on behalf of the club.

Our club members:  Derek, Lana, Aaron and Bailey Sagert, also attended to receive the Snoman Outstanding Snowmobile Family excellence award.            read more...

Cowan Trail Update

October 31, 2012

A few more pics added of the work being done from the Cowan side of the trail, as well as a glimps of the mess still ahead.

Work Updates

October 28, 2012

Crews have been out all weekend again. 

The hoe is working on the east side of the Cowan Trail heading west and best case scenerio they maybe be able to clear this section in 2-3 days as the tresses have been cut in sections so they will be easier to handle when the hoe with the thumb gets there. There are also a number of beaver dams etc. that have been built over the summer to add to the excitment of getting the trails open.

The buncher has been working it's way along the White Church trail south and hopefully can make some headway as there is lots of wood down in this area as well.

Late last week the cat went in from 366 - Wellman Lake road west on Route W to the Roaring River. Some guys worked on the forestry line north trying to get into the Island Lake area where there is supposed to be another blow down area.

If you are looking for where to work:  There is still the bear camp area on Route W to go through, as well as the rail car area to clear.  The logs have been cut through that section of trail to the Defoe trail.  Then there is the rail beds to clear and some beaver dams to deal with.

Thanks to volunteers who have helped out to get us this far. Great job guys!

Work Updates

October 27, 2012

A crew ventured further along Route W today to scope out the destruction.  Here is a video of the devastation...

Work Updates

October 21, 2012

Beside all the EXTRA work of cleaning up after the wind storm, we still have the other yearly maintenance jobs to do.  Today Wellman Shack got a paint job and the yard was scrubbed and now is ready for snow!

Thank you to all who have been working hard to help get our trails cleaned up and ready.  It is really a daunting task this year.  The warm fire and good company at the shacks this winter will definitely be an earned reward!

Please don't forget that we have just started and there is still much to be done. Any and all help you can provide is welcome.  Call Vaughn if you have time to spare.  We need help with running Clint H. in and out of the trail each day.

Cowan Trail Clean Up

October 18, 2012

Clint H. and the buncher have started on the west side of the Cowan Trail and got a mile down the trail from the 90 degree corner just past the first slough. Still bad blow down as far as we can see ahead.  We will need to take the cat down the trail as well to do some clean up.

Lots of sticks/branchs on the trail that will need to be picked up.  So if you have some time head out that way.  Please remember to take photos if you can.

Trail Updates

October 14, 2012

Thank you to all that are pulling together to help get this clean-up done.  It is an immense undertaking.  We will need all the help we can get.  So if you know a friend of a friend of a friend that enjoys snowmobiling, quading or using the trail system... get them involved.  Contact Barry or Vaughn for where help is needed. 

Cowan Trail

Today, a crew went up to the start of the Cowan trail on the Minitonas side - the report back was very discouraging.  There are too many trees down to cut by hand.  We will need Clinton H. and the buncher to go through this trail as well.  The trail will never be the same.

Wellman Lake Trail

Yesterday, a crew went from 366 in Route W.  They blocked wood so it can be pushed off of the trail. The crew pretty much blocked all the way through to about 1 mile east from the bear camp.

The entrance to the forestry line is blocked and aprox 1/4 mile down to the north it looks blocked so we will need to open this up to confirm the severity of the damage.
The area of trail around the bear camp has sustained substantial amount of blow down and we will need help to get this area cleaned up if we are to open the trail this season.

Trail Clean Up

October 12, 2012

Clint H. is in the bush with a buncher removing trees from the trails. He started in on October 10 and got the buncher on the west side of the creek tonight so everything east of the river is done.

Guy Fields was up and did an inspection and was really impressed with the job that is being done. So he had no issues at all as he understands that it is not an easy task that the club is facing.

There are sticks and a few branches on the trail left behind him. We could use some help throwing them off the trail. If you guys got some spare time or know someone that can help, it would be great. Please spread the word. Just head up there and set to work. Any time spared is appreciated.

A Closer Look

September, 2012

A BIG thanks going out to Randy and Ryan B. for all their work on the Wellman Lake Trail this summer. They cleared 5 km of trail by hand and chainsaw. Weeks and 18 tanks of chainsaw fuel later... We were able to get in and have a look further up the trail and at the warm-up shack. Lots of work to be done!

It's sunny at least

February 1, 2013

Well the groomer is out this crisp morning, smoothing out the winds mess.  Weather is supposed to smarten up for the weekend and into next week... here's hoping!  Beautiful snow conditions and can't sled... unless you want to freeze something off!!

Don't forget to check out the weather for Groundhog Day tomorrow...  will the sledding season be long or shortened...



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