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Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.

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April 30, 2015

A great evening was had by all!

Big thanks to everyone that helped make the evening a success.

A few highlights of the evening were:

Fabulous supper catered by Jamie and Arnold Wasylciw, Barry Campbell the informative host for the evening, Cam Mateika blessing supper with grace and the all entertaining Randy Hart and his spotters, Cody Hart, Sean Basker & Scott Tibble having the bidders bidding and everyone else in stitches with their fun auctioning style.

Congratulations to Sharon Gott the 50/50 draw winner.

SVSA Land Owner & Sponsor Appreciation Supper

April 23, 2015

We are very appreciative of the support from our land owners and club sponsors.  To show our support we are hosting  a supper & fundraiser auction on Saturday, April 25th.  All land owner and sponsors are invited guest and receive complimentary tickets.  Anyone else that would like to attend can contact a club member for a ticket.  They are $30 each.  It's going to be a great evening.  50/50 tickets are also available from club members.


March 13, 2015

We thought they would last for the weekend, but it melted pretty good here in the last 2 days. Water starting to collect in the ditches.  Sooooo sad....


March 12, 2015
Submitted by Ray McCleary

If you’ve been snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley this winter you may have noticed a fair amount of work activity being done on the Swan Valley Snowmobile Association (SVSA) trails since January 2015. The SVSA has been scrubbing brush, widening areas on the groomed trail and opening up some corners in an effort to make the trails safer and more enjoyable for snowmobilers to use.

The work is being done thanks to the National Trails Coalition, a program that has been set up by the Federal Government through Canada’s Economic Action Plan. This program is used to facilitate trail building and refurbishment activities in a way that is beneficial to the long term sustainability of all forms of trail based activities; and stimulate economic activity and development in communities across the country. The program is based on the cooperation of clubs and the provincial snowmobile organizations in which the federal dollars are matched by the club and the program is administrated by Snoman (Snowmobilers Organization of Manitoba). The program provides money to help maintain the trails and ensure safety for all who enjoy them. With this program, the club is able to do the work needed that otherwise could not be done until the club could afford to.

Local contractors and people have been hired to do the work and numerous club volunteers have been making this trail work happen.

Some of the trails done to date have been Route W Trail to Wellman Lake and Cowan Trail from White Church Junction to Cowan. Plans are to have trail work completed by December 2015.







Vintage Results

March 9, 2015

Weather was beautiful, turkey was a hit, great vintage to see.  Not much better of a day could have been order!   

We had 36 vintage sleds and quite a few newer models there to check out the relics.  Thank you to all drivers that brought their sleds out for our viewing pleasure.  It's great to see all those old relics! 

1st went to Mervin Fedorchuk,
2nd to Pat Bartok and 
50/50 won by Daryl Strilaeff.

There also were many donated prizes to be won in the Chinese Auction.  It's wonderful to have community support of our organization.

A BIG thank you to the Lions Club for cooking pancakes & sausages as well as donating their proceeds back to SVSA!  WOW! 

Also a big thank you to the volunteers that help to make the day a success, it wouldn't run so smooth without all of you!






Vintage Ready?

March 6, 2015

So do you have that ole relic out of the barn and dusted off?  Beautiful day set up for tomorrow and the viewing of the valley's vintage metal!  There is lots of staging room available at the Museum location.  Check out the details


It also looks like another great weekend brewing for riding... getting scarey how few are left.  It is the 1st week of March!  If the forecast warm weather sticks around we could be done quickly!  But we could also get a dump of 1-2 feet, stranger things have happened...  just get out there and ride all you can ride, cause when the snow is gone, it's a loooong time before it is back again!!!

Looks like a Riders Weekend

February 21, 2013

... No silly not a Roughriders weekend a sled riders weekend!  There's enough sled brand ribbing at the shacks we don't need to throw football into the mix!!

Great weekend coming up as far as the weather forecast.  Hopefully not too bad for the crazy winds... It sure made a mess of the fields this past week!!  But groomer guys have been out there working on our trails.  They should be in great shape.  Just remember to watch for drifting that might have accumulated since they've been out.

Have you been working on your relic???  Hope so, you only have one week to git'er ready...  Vintage Ride is next Saturday, March 7th!  Even if you don't have a relic, come on out for a pancake breakfast, some great turkey on a bun and  have a look at the relics that will be there.

Trails are great!

February 20, 2015

Groomer guys have been cruz'n around the countryside making the trails look great!  The weather and snow has been cooperating for a change.  Should be a good riding weekend! 

Thanks to the NTC funding, Ray and the scrubber have been making short work of the trailside brush on Route W.  It's looking great!  Use caution and watch for these guys on the trail.


Two weeks til the vintage ride.  Get working on the ole' girl if you haven't started!

Happy Sledding!

February 12, 2015    

10-12" of fresh snow!! Yahooo!!  What better for a Valentines'/Louis Riel long weekend!!

Bad news... windy.  Groomer Guy has been out getting the trails in shape for the weekend, but once again with the wind some trails might already be drifted over.  So use caution in open areas and watch for drifting.

Remember to treat your valentine right (gets you more sled time!) and have a GREAT Louis Riel Weekend!  How can you not, with one extra day to sled....

*Reminder it's only 3 weeks until the 8th annual "Relic Ride" , March 7, 2015.

Even if you don't have a vintage sled, come out and see the ones that are there.  Enjoy the new ride format and reminiscing of the good ol' sledding days!





Snow snow a little dump of snow...

February 6, 2015

See that little red square on the Weather Network box...  Keep your fingers crossed!  We don't want to wish anyone harm from the snow fall, but we sure could use the dump of snow on the trails. 

All trails are now open (one short trail still closed due to logging) and have pretty good snow cover.  With the exception of an approximate 2 mile band along the north side of the Ducks.  The +10 temps along there in December didn't leave much for groomer guy to work with!

If you're out and about this weekend you will notice some of our bush trails got a haircut!  Due in part to NTC funding, brushing and some tree removal was complete during the low snow conditions.  Thanks to all volunteers that assisted with the project! 

Snow has arrived!

January 30, 2015

Snow has finally arrived making for better trail conditions.  Glad it's no longer dirt fields!!  It was getting to be a sad winter.  Continue to drive with caution as some trails still have low snow and you wouldn't want to spoil your day by clipping a rock or stump!

Photo Op!

January 26, 2015

Say cheese!!!  Too bad it was sooooo cold out... and the forcast snow didn't come.  Thanks to all that could make it out and help us promote Swan River as SledTown 2015!

Trails are OPEN!

January 19, 2015

Yay!!  Finally enough snow... sorry, but not on all of them.  Check out the SnoMan trail conditions website for details on which ones are open.

On Saturday, January 24th at 10:00 am there is a presentation and photo being done at the Chamber office, by the big swan, so come out and show everyone who we are and celebrate our big win on being "the best snowmobiling destination in Western Canada".

North Mountain riders club will be there too, along with the groomers. Star and Times will be taking pictures and this will also be on the cover of SnoRiders Magazine.

Come out on your snowmobile. We want as many snowmobiles in the picture, that we can round up!  Please pass this on to all other members, thanks. See you there. 

SledTown 2015

January 9, 2015

Swan Valley is SLEDTOWN 2015!!  Thanks to dedicated volunteers from both Swan Valley clubs for the fabulous trails that put us in the completion.  A big thanks also to everyone that voted to help us win!

A photo op is being planned with the trophy... stay tuned!

Read more...                        

SledTown 2015

December 17, 2014 

Swan Valley is in the finals!!  Please help to round up votes!  Vote yourself, post it, tweet it, get grandma to vote.  You can vote once from each unique location.  Which means your home computer, work computer, phone, spouses phone, kids phones, etc.

Help make Swan Valley SledTown 2015!!  Give us bragging rights!

Vote here:  http://snoriderswest.com/sledtown-showdown

snow snow snow

December 8, 2014 

Staking had begun and some trails are getting packed and setup by the groomer.  Please remember the trails have not been officially opened.  We will keep you posted and let you know as soon as they are!

Calling all Swan Valley sledders!!!

October, 2014 

SVSA elections will be held at the next meeting.  Many positions open.  Come be a  member, have a direct voice about trail creation, maintenance and signage.  Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you many benefits.  Join today to keep ours viable.



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