Swan Valley Snowmobile Association

This is the home of Swan Valley Snowmobile Association Inc. (SVSAA). Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable 
snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.



Wild Westerly Winds...

Mother Nature wreaked havoc on our trails in June 2012. With 80-100km  plow winds, approximately 65 kms of the Duck Mountain bush trails were destroyed.   We are not talking a few branches or small trees over the trail...  As you will see in the video and in the photos, there are many places you could not even tell where the trail once existed...

Here is a video compiled of the damage on Cowan and Wellman Trails. Along with a glimpse of what actions have taken place. It was created for and viewed at the 2nd Annual Snoman Congress in November 2012.

We thank all the volunteers that worked countless hours to get the trails back in shape for the 2012-13 riding season.  It was a huge stress on those that assisted with the cleanup. 

We also thank those that could not come to the valley to volunteer but made monetary contributions.