Swan Valley Snowmobile Association

This is the home of Swan Valley Snowmobile Association Inc. (SVSAA). Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable 
snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.



Our club is comprised of a bunch of snowmobile enthusiasts that enjoy sledding.  They are willing to work hard to have great trails in the Swan Valley area. 

2021- 23 Executive


Ted Corbett 



Sheldon Strilaeff

Past President 

Les Rolsky

Bruce Hardy
Kevin Neely

Tami Bobick

2020 - 21 Directors


Groomer Operators                                                                                                                                                    Raymond McCleary                                                                                                                   Daryl Strilaeff                                                                                                                             


Trail Maintenance
Darryl Boychuk - Cowan Area

Trail Maintenance
Dale Husenetter - Benito Area


DNR Representative
Raymond McCleary

Trail Boss
Daryl Strilaeff

Trail Reporting

Groomer Log & Report