Swan Valley Snowmobile Association

This is the home of Swan Valley Snowmobile Association Inc. (SVSAA). Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable 
snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.

Do you know the answer to these 2 questions?  If not read on for Etiquette when Encountering Trail Grooming Equipment

 If you meet a trail groomer on the trail:


A: Slow down immediately since it travels very slow and you’ll be there quickly

B: Move your snowmobile to the far right side of the trail or off the trail

C: Try to stay off the freshly groomed trail once it passes by you

D: All of the above

E: None of the above


Snowmobiling on a freshly groomed trail before it has had time to set up and refreeze:


A: Is the best possible riding experience since it allows everyone in the group to spread out and enjoy smooth trails

B: Allows you to go fast without worrying about bumps in the trail

C: Quickly destroys the trail base and results in rough trails

D: Provides a great opportunity to practice maneuvering your snowmobile

E: A and B


Did you know...

It takes a freshly groomed trail at least 3 hours to setup! So try to avoid driving on a freshly groomed trail before this time period.

In other words... it's NOT a good idea to follow the groomer down a trail, nor is it safe.

If you encounter the groomer out on the trails and must drive on the freshly groomed trail, avoid hard acceleration and aggressive driving.  Make sure the driver is aware of you approaching or passing.

Groomer Etiquette ~ They’re much bigger than you!

Today’s groomers are much more than a long track snowmobile pulling a drag. They are large pieces of heavy equipment that require training to operate and consume the entire width of the trail in most areas.

When you meet a groomer on the trail, please pull over, off the trail if possible, allowing the machine to pass by you. If you come up behind a groomer please be patient, the driver will pull over allowing you to pass when he/she approaches an area that is open enough to allow you to pass safely.

For more information, review the SafeRiders website.