Swan Valley Snowmobile Association

This is the home of Swan Valley Snowmobile Association Inc. (SVSAA). Our mission is to promote safe, enjoyable 
snowmobiling in the Swan River Valley through education, signing, and trail development.

Volunteer For Your Club!

More volunteers = better trails


Your willingness to volunteer for your club is very much appreciated. There are clubs that fold up every year due to lack of volunteer help, which leads to no money for the club.


Without money, the trails suffer as do the riders of the trail system: The equipment cannot be fixed, we cannot buy gas for the groomers and ultimately the trails stopped getting groomed and cleaned up and are eventually abandoned. Sadly, this has been the case lately with other clubs right here in Manitoba, but with your help our club and the trail system will continue to thrive.


Every year our club desperately needs more volunteers to help with fund raisers like the food booth, Vintage Ride, raffle ticket sales, trail work and maintenance. Sometimes we need just a couple hours of your time. Currently, less than 10% of trail users volunteer for the club's fundraisers and trail work, combined.


Want to volunteer?


Email us with your name, address and phone number and any preferences to what you might like to volunteer for.


All support is much appreciated!